Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | Testimony Nov 2019

Testimony Nov 2019

8th November, 2019
My name is Sabina Punjabi from OLVC, Nerul. 
The JEHR at Vinayalaya from 8-10th November was a very enlightening, enriching and healing experience.
The inner healing conducted by Br had tears rolling down my eyes as I hugged everyone, imagining that I have forgiven those who have hurt me. It made me feel light and happy. During the infilling of the Holy Spirit, as I was praying in tongues, I realized that I was blessed with new syllables to pray in tongues.
During adoration my name was called out saying that I should spend more time in the Blessed Sacrament, surrender my worry to God, that few people were healed of diabetes provided they go for walk for 1/2 hour every day, I claimed this healing.
The talks given by all the speakers and the homilies during the mass was very inspiring. Many things touched my heart from the talk and the homily.

My name is Gloria D'souza I am from Our Lady of Mercy Church  Pokhran Thane. 
This is my 3rd time I have attended the JEHR, during the Inner Healing time I was touched by the LORD as soon as the song started I surrender, I lifted up my hands and tears started rolling down my cheeks and while the inner healing  was going on brother said there is some one who is  remembering everyone  from their childhood and being able to forgive them this person was me. the Holy Spirit had showed me all the people  who have hurt me and I was forgiving them, this experience was really a different  one I also asked LORD to give me his  strength and grace to handle all the difficulties that come across in life and to fill me with his love, during that time I heard a voice saying to me, keep my soul pure Jesus wants my soul in heaven not my damaged sick body or brain etc...  I also felt assured that Jesus will never leave me I came with heavy heart and hope that LORD is going to heal me and it happened I felt tremendous peace of mind and my whole perspective of life has changed the way I see the world now is in a positive way what I was living my life before coming for the retreat i thank and praise God for Healing me .

My name is Ivan Pinto  from l C Parish. l had attended the JEHR in August and During the Infilling of the Holy Spirit the Priest was laying hands on people and I got powerful smell of flowers I did not know what it meant  l now attended the retreat in November 8th - 10th in this retreat after the talk of Holy Spirit Br called every one on stage I also went and Br prayed for the Holy Spirit I had tears in my eyes, I want to testify what happened to me in this retreat it is the best retreat all speakers were excellent I thank JESUS for these preachers,                                          
I am Shirley Fernandes from OLMC Pokhran Thane. I attended the JEHR in month of Nov. The first day of the retreat I was facing a great difficulty as I was distracted during the talk and it was disturbing my peace. But somehow I kept asking the Lord for Grace it did help me. The next day was the confession & during my confession I felt that the Lord was sitting next to me & even before I could confess my sins I sensed the Lord telling me that he has forgiven my sins & that very moment I had tears in my eyes & I felt light burden & the joy was immense.. The same evening during the Infilling I was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit & one thing that was the highlight of the retreat was the Lord had convicted me of his love & mercy which will never fade. During the talks I felt that the LORD was speaking to me through the various speakers which I could relate it with my life. Fr Joel sermon on the importance of Mass was an eye opener to me he explained the importance so well that it made me ponder how often I have taken mass for granted & as Eucharist is the highest form of worship. I thank & Praise God for his immense love which is more than sufficient for me & with his peace which will last forever.The one thing that I practiced during the retreat was to talk to the Lord apart from my prayer time & I was stunned as I found him talking back to me..
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