Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | Testimony Jesus Encounter Retreat 7 to 9 August 2015

Testimony Jesus Encounter Retreat 7 to 9 August 2015

7th August, 2015
Testimony Jesus Encounter Retreat 7 to 9 August 2015
My testimony at Vinalaya
I would like to begin with by saying that ‘God opens the doors that no man can close and God closes the door that no man can ever open’!
I have experienced an amazing inner healing within me during my entire journey at Vinalaya Encounter with Jesus Retreat that took place on the 7th August 2015.
I received the Gift of the Holy Spirit in me and that has changed my way of thinking and helped me ‘be the change’ rather than ‘expecting the change from others’.
‘Forgiveness is not a feeling and is a decision’ I’ve learnt that if one really wants to be happy, and if decides to have that happiness for the rest of their life, the first step that one needs to take towards is ‘FORGIVENESS’, because ‘To Err is Human, But to Forgive is Divine’.
I along with my friend, reached Vinalaya retreat house at 3.30pm, we were not convinced that we would be able to continue the three days of sincere retreat and hence we weren’t happy about being at the centre.
But the preaching conducted by Thomas, Victor, Carlos, & Fr. Melroy's sermon, the kind of unbeatable support and understanding of Patrick.

Dickson strictness and concern for those who were unable to detach themselves from the worldly pleasures and were unable to connect with God. I would say, these people were my perfect Family members where there was both, love and strictness within the all the members of Vinalaya. And it was this perfect feeling of togetherness that helped me to change my mind and have a DESIRE to want more of what i was getting from them. I wanted More of those preaching’s, I wanted to hear more of those Testimonies, i wanted more of that love, i wanted more of that strictness, I was not satisfied of what i received and experienced at Vinalaya.
If we have a plan, God has a Greater and Better Plan for us’ I decided to do this retreat, because of the pain and agony i was been subjected to by one of a close person in my life. I wanted to detach myself from that agony and was happy about the very fact that we had to surrender our phones, as asked by Brother Patrick. I was not in touch since months and weeks from this person and that this person was someone who I had been chasing since long. To my surprise, as soon as I surrendered my phone to Brother Patrick, and as I turned back, I saw that person standing right in front of my eyes. It was nothing less than a miracle and indeed true that God has perfect plans for us and we need to believe that truth. Yes! We have sorted our bitterness and differences in the right way, in a peaceful way, and exactly in the way, that i had been struggling since months to get it fixed in that perfect way. I was happy and felt light by heart. All the pain and agony disappeared on the 3rd day of the retreat.
‘The love of the Lord is Steadfast’ throughout the retreat, i was happy and has no desire to get back my phone. I had left all the worldly pleasures attached to my life away behind and had a wholehearted desire to experience oneness with the lord. These 3days helped me built up a firm relation with Jesus and I wanted more of him. I was preparing myself for a wonderful and everlasting relation with Jesus. No matter what happens, no matter how sinful we are, the love of the Jesus is unconditional and everlasting. And i experienced his love for me and now, I shall never let go that experience.
Our phones had been blest over at the end of the retreat session; my phone speaker was unrepaired since September 2014. When I got my phone back, the speaker was playing normal. It may not sound that huge, but yes Jesus is alive and is working miracles upon us in different ways. Some are huge, some are not that huge.
I am sure that am yet to receive and witness more and more of his miracles and above that his unconditional love for me. I am happy, blest and at peace because I’ve been gifted with god’s love, the Holy Spirit and his grace.
For when I have Him, I have EVERYTHING, without Him, I have NOTHING.

Andrea Menezes Thane
Ms. Andrea Menezes