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Testimony January 2020

14th January, 2020
Testimony January 2020 I'm Riona from Holy Cross Church Kurla, who attended the JEHR Jan' 2020 and this is my testimony.

Facing a chain of uneventful setbacks and losses in the last two months of 2019, had caused me to lose my cheerfulness and made me a little bitter. I needed to lean on the LORD to rebuild my brokenness, fill my hopelessness and find my path, but my routine prayer time  wasn't seeming too helpful. That's when, teary eyed and hopeless, I turned to my dear friend and counsel who suggested the JEHR and led me to it. 

Br said  in order to serve Him well I need to Love Him well and to Love God well I needed to know Him well through the Bible. 

So I began re-reading the texts I highlighted last year in my then new Bible and Ohh the wonderful ways in which my Lord spoke to me left me mesmerized.

All my life I sought love and the LORD brought to my mind all the many times I've felt unloved and then he showed me his Cross. He said "Riona, I love you so much that I spread my arms wide open on that cross and died for you. Why then do you say you aren't loved?" 

I had no words, no excuses, just immense gratefulness to the Lord for opening my eyes to His love.

The next day we had to prepare for confession.
I cried on having experienced how merciful my LORD is. He forgives. He washes and renews, He gives us all a new Life in the Spirit.

I was also granted the gift of clarity. The Holy Spirit walked me through all my broken, bend and wounded relationships, He showed me what I had been unable to see for years now... I was given clarity on my plans. The LORD showed me all that I need and all what I want. He helped me decide what I have to choose and revealed to me His wonderful plan for me: to love His children and to share the my experience of His love with the world.

Through all the preachers/Priest/ I learnt the importance of forgiveness.
I learnt the necessity of Gratitude.
through Vinalaya and it's peaceful ambience I learnt how we hear God speaking to us in the silence of our hearts.

My Experience
At  Jesus Encounter Healing Retreat
Jan 2020

In the name of Jesus, we have the victory.  A hymn apt for my experience at the retreat last week.
This one was even more special as through the sacrament of reconciliation I have conquered my past and am free of the baggage that I have carried for so many years. The power of forgiveness for me, was the tone of the whole retreat. With every Brother and priest who spoke, the message of forgiving and forgetting was what I kept getting. 
The hold that the evil one had over me through my anger, resentment and unforgiveness for people and situations in life caused a lot of mental, emotional and physical trauma. 
The second day of the retreat, Jesus lead me to a priest who through my confession, counselled me and revealed to me what was weighing me down. 
Today I don’t feel the physical pain in my neck and shoulders like I did before.
Since my last retreat I’ve experienced the Lord in ways beyond my imagination. Even when the economy wasn’t and isn’t doing so well, I’ve been blessed abundantly and thank the Lord for his faithfulness to me. I am where I am today because of our one true Living God. 
Praise and Glory
 to you, Lord Jesus

Ms Vanessa Bocarro
St Teresa Prayer Group
My purpose of attending was to start the new year with a retreat and to thank the Lord touching my life and blessing me with a promotion at work in Dec This is my 4th retreat and everytime it is a awesome experience. At this retreat, I was touched by the talk of Br on God's Love, and the scripture Ezekiel 36:26, I will take your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Before the inner healing and infilling of the holy Spirit by Br , I asked for God's grace to help me to forgive those who hurt me, and during the session I was touched by the holy Spirit and the holy spirit helped me to remember all those who hurt me and forgive them, after which I felt light as a feather, all the burden was gone and I felt I received the heart of flesh from the Lord.  Other Br s talk on Sin and how to make a valid confession, helped me to do a good confession which is a key to a good retreat. Through the retreat I learned the importance of personal prayer  
Thank you Abba Father, LORD Jesus & Holy Spirit.

Mr Seby Rodriques
St Teresa's Parish
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