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Testimony Jan 2020

20th January, 2020
Testimony Jan 2020 Attending this retreat itself was a blessing for me since I hadn't intended to come for it at all. Me and my family had booked tickets to go for a trip elsewhere and I just needed a break.. But, all of a sudden the message about the retreat popped up on Whatsapp, the title was the answer to my prayers- God knows exactly what you need. And yet I did not believe. Cutting a long story short, we had to cancel our tickets and in the end we ended up coming for this retreat. It was the Lord's will indeed to bring us for it. 
I had been suffering from severe depression regarding my career, strained relationships within my family and friends and childhood traumas. I also had very low self-esteem and fear of facing people. I Never felt free and active as a youth should be. I came for this retreat without any purpose in life hoping God would provide one.
I felt motivated from the First day itself after hearing Bro's talk on God's love. I heard it many times before but this time I don't know how but I felt God meant it to me. He was telling me that he loves me and that I'm not just a part of a crowd and that I Am created for a purpose! After that, each and every talk helped me grow deeper Spiritually.. 
Confession and counselling helped me open up and I discovered freedom.
During the Inner Healing Service, I had immense pain on the left side of my face. I prayed the Deliverance prayer in full faith and after Brother prayed for me, the pain left.
I prayed sincerely to God to return my Youth back to me and take away my desperateness and unforgiveness .. And he did hear my prayer and I don't feel overburdened and worthless in life.
I was also able to give up My Cellphone addiction and addiction to certain genres of Music to which I was enslaved for years. *I got the conviction to have Personal Prayers daily which I never felt to do before and the purpose to live now i.e because I've realized this life I've got is God's gift to me and he will use it for his glory. 
Jesus and his blessed Mother Mary have helped me rekindle my faith in the Catholic Church. I can now say with conviction that God knew exactly what I Needed! Thank you Jesus!

Karen Ambrose.
St Anthony's Prayer Group, Vakola.

Jesus Encounter Healing Retreat, Jan 2020.

I'm a cancer survivor. I've attended many retreats before and I've been blessed abundantly. I praise God for that. 
But this retreat has been special for me since I've discovered the meaning of God's love and experienced it. I've been filled with his love and have learnt that God's love conquers ALL EVIL. 
During the Inner Healing Service, I was constantly crying and I was able to forgive those I couldn't forgive. I felt a deep peace and joy within me. 
I praise and thank God for everything and for all the preachers through whom I've learnt a lot. 

Angela Fernandez.
St. Anthony's Prayer Group, Vakola.
I came for the retreat thinking it's the same like any other retreat and not better than a Potta retreat.

It was during the talks I realised about God's love and how important it is if you have God's love in your heart you can overcome any barrier, only you have to be filled with his love.

Secondly, I came to realise through a brother's powerful talk how we need to walk back in different areas of our life and ask for forgiveness & forgive others because without this we cannot be filled with his mercy and love.
Also, when a brother was preaching he called a list of names in which one was mine and God asked me to be consistent in my prayer life. I could focus on what God was trying to speak to me through the various teachings.

I want to praise and thank our mighty God who is Almighty and deserving of our praise, honour and glory and no matter what we are, he gives us so many chances is always waiting to forgive us.

Hazeline Ambrose.
St. Anthony's Prayer Group, Vakola.

This January Jesus Encounter Healing Retreat at Vinalaya *has touched and lightened my heart setting me free from within which gives Life a beautiful meaning. Eulalia Mathias I.C parish, Borivli.
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