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16th November, 2019
 The 4 days at Kairos was hands down one of the highlights of my year. The seminars, making of new friends, energetic bands, etc. It was a beautiful experience to be surrounded by so many youth and Praise the Lord. I feel blessed to have been a part of this Convention. Kairos 2019 was definitely a big hit. Can't wait for Kairos 2023!

- Yohana Pais

 My experience of kairos was great. Those 3 days of praise and worship I have changed a lot. I have began to talk to my friends with confidence. The band singing praise and worship songs was really awesome. This was the best experience ever, waiting for the next Kairos event in Goa.

~ Simeon Fernandes

Well, for me Kairos 2019, was a blessing in disguise. I was actually looking forward to be in Delhi but didn't know that this time would be yet another Kairos moment in my life (as the verse says; Behold I make all things new-Rev 21:5)
I was deeply touched during the blessed sacrament exposition sessions. As I got a chance to touch the blessed Sacrament, I felt this current pass through my hands; the presence was so strong that I couldn't stop sobbing as if a wounded heart was being healed and I couldn't stand under that anointing.
During a prayer session led by Fr. Joseph, when he asked us to open our hands and to receive the gift God had to give us, I could hear this very soft voice, " Take this gift, the sword of the Spirit." I understood later that it meant the word of God.
I was also overjoyed to hear the testimony of our sister Jyotsna; who was an atheist, then a Buddhist and now finally in our Catholic family; also the testimonies and sessions of Sr. Pauline, Be. Cyril John's Son and Br. Lenny's talk esp with the example of Father n son couldn't stop me from crying. 
I was happy to get acquainted with our active YU4C national youth coordinator, Br. Ajin Joseph, who has been such a blessing and not to forget the youth of Delhi, who tirelessly sacrificed their time and energy, while keeping a smile on their faces, accompanied us till the very end, and have made this event a very successful one ( won't forget to mention that I was flabbergasted to see the no of plates after every meal). I loved every cup of ginger tea prepared so lovingly by the Missionaries of Charity brothers.
I also enjoyed the praise and worship sessions held by Rex band and By Grace band (esp the Anand ki bharpuri hai song
I loved the skit put up by YU4C Delhi, very simple, yet spoke volumes to my 💓 ( I was left in tears after seeing that).
I loved the action songs by YU4C Chennai and YU4C Shillong ( Yeshu hai no. 1 song- m guessing that's the title 
I am very thankful to our elders and animators and pray that God would bless them for their prayers, hardwork and effort put in to take us safely to Delhi n bring us back to have this Kairos experience, also thanking God for His hand of protection over us.
Above all, what was overwhelming was to see the UNITY IN DIVERSITY with all God's people worshipping him in Spirit and in truth under one roof; it kinda reminds me of Isaiah 43:5-7 which says, " Fear not, for I am with you; from the East I will bring back your descendants, from the West I will gather you. I will say to the North: give them up! And to the south, Hold not back! Bring back my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the Earth: everyone who is named as mine, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made."
I have come back refreshed and with peace and purpose in my heart, learning with God what He has to teach me everyday.
God bless us all. May we carry this Kairos experience into our lives, families and churches.

Joan R. D'Souza
St. Louis Church, Dahisar

Kairos 2019 an appointed time as the Lord said behold I make all things new for me and all the youth United for Christ from all over india who came together at Burari Delhi Jeevan Jyoti Ashram This was my 2nd kairos after the Mumbai kairos in 2008, this was the best and a blessed one, got to experiencing Gods love and mercy through the various session by Bishop Francis of Delhi on our true identity, the coolest Priest Fr. Joseph from New York on the blessed topics of Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation, Discipleship, our very own Deacon Ivan spoke on the topic Relationships he was surprised to see me at delhi as we had coordinated for the bonfire youth event for its publicity in Mumbai, was glad to know and meet Sr. Veronica who spoke on the topic Theology of the Body she turned out to be from new panvel the place where i work, the topic on Social media and spirituality by Mr. Joseph Melookaran was very informative for me. The  very inspiring testimony of Br. Lenny who had conducted my confirmation retreat way back in 2005 brought back it's memories at kairos, Sr. Prema Superior General of MOC made me feel as if Mother Teresa was present among out midst by her looks and a similar voice like her. The inner healing session, the infilling of the holy Spirit by Fr. Allwyn of Don Bosco along with Fr. Joseph, Bishop Francis and various others, brought healing and true joy in my life, the youthful talks by Fr. Chetan Machado, Mr. Joy and Youth United for Christ Mr. Anil Joseph was very inspiring to work in the Lord's kingdom, the Eucharistic celebration was the highest form of worship celebrated By Archbishop Anil of Delhi reminding us that the old is gone and we are a new creation also in Delhi they say Memorare after every Eucharist, similarly celebrated by Archbishop Elias of Nagpur, Archbishop Kuriakose of Faridabad and last but on the least beloved Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao of Goa as he ended with welcoming the Next Kairos 2023 to Amchea Goa. It was wonderful to See and listen to Retired Justice Joseph of Supreme court of India at kairos, and not forgetting Mr. Cyril John who kept the spirit of kairos alive throughout the 4 days, the evening where fun with all of us dancing for the Lord through the Gospel bands of David Harp of Delhi, Rex Band of Jesus Youth, and last but not the least By Grace it was like a cherry on the cake indeed on the last day we did cut the surprise birthday cake of our dearest Br. Lenny at kairos, I had a wonderful time at Delhi irrespective of the bad weather, and the hype of Kyarr in Konkan and Maharashtra but Kairos was much bigger than any strom which move the heart mind and soul for our Lord Jesus Christ. Not forgetting the team of South who thought us to dance on the tune of my heart goes Rounda rounda for Jesus. And I would say Owho owho😂Thank you. Team India of YU4C, CCR, Catholic Church and all Dignitaries across the world and specially the Youth of Delhi they worked very hard day and night to give us the best. God bless you all specially Yu4C Mumbai for taking care of us throughout kairos and your generosity which cannot be forgotten. Till we reached back home safely. God bless us all. .
John Bosco Fernandes
Our lady of Salvation Church Dadar.
kairos 26th to 29th October 2019