Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | kairos 26th to 29th Oct

kairos 26th to 29th Oct

21st November, 2019
 I had gone to Kairos with alot of disappointment, worries, stress, betrayals, wounds in my life. During the time when Fr. Joseph was conducting the healing service and said Jesus is coming to you.... I wanted to get a glimpse of him so I opened my closed eyes and looked at the blessed sacrament.... The moment I looked at The Lord, I had a breath of fresh air fill my lungs and was amazed and stunned at how beautiful was his face.... After that I was wanting to touch him like Veronica who touched the Lord's sandals with faith, when I actually got to touch him...i felt a current run through my hands and going through my body..... I cried continuously after that, I didn't want to let go of him so when Fr took our Lord ahead to the next row, I stretched out again to touch him, I always believed that the name of the Lord Jesus is enough for demons to tremble, but I had experienced his touch several times before, I knew that my life would change if I had touched him.... And 101% it did..... Today my problems may have not all ended but I came back with a God who can crush them all... I'm fearless of what the world has to throw at me.... I have a God way way bigger than my problems by my side!!
- Ramona Vaz
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