Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | kairos 26th to 29th November 2019

kairos 26th to 29th November 2019

26th October, 2019
I wasn't sure what I was heading for when I registered for Kairos. Being the only person from my area made me a little nervous. However I had a very fruitful time at Kairos and made so many new friends. Speakers like Sr. Paulina Melite, Dn. Ivan Fernandes, Br. Lenny Soares and the 'Bouncer'; Fr. Joseph Espaillat from USA gave us inputs on how God can do marvelous things in our lives. All we need to do is be open to him. The Prayer and Inner Healing Adoration conducted by Fr. Joseph helped many youth determine to bring a change in their lives. The old has gone and the Lord has indeed made all things new in our lives. A special word of gratitude to the Delhi YU4C team; they tirelessly worked towards ensuring all things were in place. Washing almost 2800 plates three times a day for 4 days isn't easy at all but these guys pulled it off. Special thanks to Br. Patrick Corda, Br. Philip, Alex, Reuel and all the YU4C Animators for coordinating the programme so efficiently.

Calvin Pereira

 I had boils in my eyes and severe eye infection since the last 4 years. My eyes always kept watering and I couldn't look at any light directly. No medicines had been able to cure it.
During the healing service, as I was looking at the cross and praying for healing of my eyes I saw a vision, I saw the devil looking at me with fire in his eyes and that fire going straight into my eyes,I couldn't understand what it meant so I looked at the blood of Jesus on the cross and since then I've been completely healed. All the infection has gone away. Kairos was a wonderful experience and I've also been blessed with really good friends. I would like to thank Jesus for all that he is doing in my life.

Asha Mendes

From the time I’ve been back I cannot really believe that Kairos is actually over!
I’m completely amazed by the fact that all the friends I made would become such a big part of my life. 
If I be completely honest,this camp helped me in ways I cannot imagine! It made me place all my trust in God and made me realise that I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me!

Im really thankful for all the animator’s who had to keep up with all my rascality and fun, y’all were the true hero’s.
I promise that I won’t let go of any memories especially the sharing on the last day which made me open up myself and become a new ME!
                                ~Danica pereira

 Kairos is d first youth convention i had been to and without doubt will remain d best conventions for a longg time. This is because i got to experience God in praise n worship n d gift of tears. When i reached delhi i got viral fever. But through God's grace i was healed from it. N before going back to Mumbai i was healed completely. It was an eyeopener to me and made me believe that, "In God all things r possible." I loved this amazing experience as it has got me closer to God in many ways.
                              -Alan Serrao

 Kairos was fantastic.Those 3 days in delhi really changed my life and the way I picture Jesus in my life. Also I got a whole set of friends and got to see and learn many new things. As a whole kairos was the most amazing event I've attended till date. Really  looking forward for the next kairos in goa.

~ Ashton Serrao

Kairos2019 a memorable experience that will impact me throughout my life. To begin with the inner healing was very soothing and helped me bring peace in mind, soul and body. The talks by the motivational speakers indeed had a great impact on all of us. One of my best experience was the talk from Deacon Ivan 
My overall experience was awesome and blessed 

Very thankful to the organization comittee of Karios2019 who led me through this wonderful experience, I'm very grateful to everyone and cannot express my joy in words.

-Simron Pinto

On 24th October we had left for Kairos and being a confirmation student a lot of things were running in my mind like how kairos is gonna be Is it gonna be boring? Or Is it gonna be fun?
And the whole journey was like this only. Alot of questions running into my mind.But when we reached there I got all the answers to my questions by seeing the set up I was really mesmerized like it's gonna be lit. And day one was for us to rest in the evening we had the rosary and it was very joyful for me.The next day was the first day of kairos and the day started with the praise and worship. I was like it's gonna be good and after that mass and some talks and the talks were very interesting and all the three days was the same we started with the praise and worship and ended with a Gospel band. But the best thing was the adoration of all the 3 days. I could really fell the presence of God the almighty with me and that's but kairos thought me alot like how to adjust and learn to live without my parents and it really gave me alot of confidence to talk to new people. And now I have made such friends who are like family for me. As kairos means 'the time when God acts in our lives' Yes it was really the time when God acted in my life.
And also I would like to share that four months before going to kairos I was operated and the wound was not healing at all and the doctor told me to get a plastic surgery done and the day of the inner healing session I could feel Jesus Christ touching me and healing me fully and the best part was when I saw that wound it was fully healed praise the lord...Yes God does works in your life when you have blind faith in him 
And kairos was the best experience of my life and I'm not gonna forget it...
Praise the lord Alleluia
       -Leon Dsouza 
         St Anthony's Parish Sakinaka.