Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | JESUS ENCOUNTER RETREAT TESTIMONY


1st January, 2015
My Name is Sumathi Philp this was my first retreat and I really loved it and I am sure that its going to help me in the future  when I leave this place. I really loved this place because I love observing nature. The rooms were cool and it was silent enough . the food was delicious and I will surely miss all this things.

I had no idea about what retreat means but my friends had attended retreat and she was sharing her experience . I was eager to attend the retreat after hearing her experience. I told her that when ever you go next time please take me along and this is the retreat . I have attended the first time and it is a very spirit filled experience. I don’t want to leave this place. This retreat has thought me many things be silent, calm, controlling anger, loving God, experiencing His presence, paying attention and how to live our life to the fullest and spiritually without sin.

I have been touched with the talks of how to encounter Jesus in my life And because of this retreat I have encountered Jesus who is in me. I know when I leave this place I will do what ever has been taught by  the Brothers and I am sure that I am going attend many more retreat to have a deeper experience of Jesus because of this retreat I have learned the importance of prayer . thanks to all of you who have made this retreat a successful in my life.

In Christ Jesus
Sumathi Philip
Ms.Sumathi Philip