Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | JESUS ENCOUNTER RETREAT TESTIMONY


1st January, 1970
My Name is Sabby Gonsalves I came here for the retreat with a very disturbed mind because I had lost my job, I had hearing problem in both my hear and sever pain in my lower back near the waist.

On the first day of the retreat when the Holy Eucharist  was celebrated at around 2.45am , I woke up suddenly and found that my lower back pain had reduced by 50%.After forgiveness and deliverance session, on the second day after the mass was celebrated around 2.45 am again I woke up to find out that the back pain had reduced to90%.

I have left with 10% of pain now it could be that I am holding on to something unknowingly which I have to let go. I know it my SAVIOUR LORD JESUS CHRIST will give me the power and grace to do so to completely heal me of the pain and serve him and my brothers and sisters.


I remain sincerely in CHRIST
Sabby Gonsalves  
Mr. Sabby Gonsalves