Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | JEHR December 2019

JEHR December 2019

17th December, 2019
JEHR December 2019 The turning point in my life was at theJesus Encounter Healing Retreat four years ago.

I was an alcoholic for 35 years, a victim of BP, sinusitis, skin problem, anxiety, depression, financial problem, no peace in the house. Our loving and merciful Lord touched me and healed me from all these situation and turn my sorrow into joy.

This DEC. JEHR retreat is an indescribable Christmas gift for me reminding that nothing is impossible with God. Thank You Jesus, praise You Jesus.

Alan Dias,Chakala

My name is Mary Ann Dsouza I had attended the JEHR in November 2018 with my daughters. .It was a truly enriching  and spiritually healing experience . During the Inner Healing and Infilling of the Holy Spirit Bro said there is one person praying for gift of child and the Lord is blessing her.  My daughter was praying and I too was praying to the Lord to bless her with  gift of child. The Lord has blessed my daughter with a baby girl in September 2019. I Praise and thank God for blessing my daughter with  gift of a child. Praise and thank God for all the Preachers at the retreat.
Thank you Jesus Praise you Jesus
RISE UP & WALK (out of your wheelchair)
I was heavy burdened with unexplained fear but after confession and Inner healing session the Good LORD brought to my mind people whom I need to forgive and after forgiving I felt all my fears and burden lifted up. I was at peace. I also thank the Good LORD for by His will my dad made his confession after more than15 years. My Dad suffers from Parkinson's & was bound to the wheelchair since a year, During the Infilling of the Holy Spirit he could sense sudden strength in his legs. I praise and thank the LORD by his grace and with little help from us my dad who is a Parkinson's patient can walk without any fear in his mind of falling.  At home he is improving day by day & his walking is slowly improving. This Dec JEHR helped me to rebuild my relationship with the Lord which I had lost with the worldly struggle of daily life. Thank you Jesus for  filling us not only with food for the soul but also by tasty food for the stomach and clean rooms to stay in.  Shirley Lobo St John's prayer group Thane
JEHR 13th to 15th Decemeber 2019