Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | JEHR Dec 2019

JEHR Dec 2019

21st December, 2019
JEHR Dec 2019 RISE UP & WALK (out of your wheelchair)
I was heavy burdened with unexplained fear but after confession and Inner healing session the Good LORD brought to my mind people whom I need to forgive and after forgiving I felt all my fears and burden lifted up. I was at peace. I also thank the Good LORD for by His will my dad made his confession after more than15 years. My Dad suffers from Parkinson's & was bound to the wheelchair since a year, During the Infilling of the Holy Spirit he could sense sudden strength in his legs. I praise and thank the LORD by his grace and with little help from us my dad who is a Parkinson's patient can walk without any fear in his mind of falling.  At home he is improving day by day & his walking is slowly improving. This Dec JEHR helped me to rebuild my relationship with the Lord which I had lost with the worldly struggle of daily life. Thank you Jesus for  filling us not only with food for the soul but also by tasty food for the stomach and clean rooms to stay in.  Shirley Lobo St John's prayer group Thane

"Jesus Encounter and Healing Retreat” began with talk from Br on God’s Love and Forgiveness, reflecting deep on whom to forgive and whom do you owe forgiveness certainly helped in identifying the cause of the burden. 

Fr. Melroy shared his testimony of his honest confession and touch of Holy Spirit, which increased my faith and helped in preparing for next day’s session of Confession, Inner healing and Infilling. The sessions were a good mix of Talks, Praise and Worship, which kept the environment lively. *

For confession A young priest, with bright smile welcomed me and as I shared, he comforted and asked to change the perspective to handle the situation better. I felt light, as if I had emptied the entire burden. Now as Br said once you have *emptied out, next is to be healed and be filled so that there is no room for bitterness.

The session on Inner healing and the Infilling of Holy Spirit began and as we prayed and worshiped for infilling and the gifts of holy spirit, I experienced a little burning in the Chest which grew slowly and gradually and finally turned into Fire.
It felt like all the worries and anxiety have been burned to vanish! This was an experience that completely changed my Belief & Faith in Holy Spirit. No material thing or any feeling can be as overwhelming as the one that evening. In a gloomy world where I was chasing empty, materialistic things,
Thanks to the Intercessors who prayed the whole night for us.
JEHR 13th to 15th Dec 2019