Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | JEHR 9th to 11th August 2019

JEHR 9th to 11th August 2019

12th August, 2019
I am Manjunath S from Kalyan belong to Non Christian background
This is my 20th year I am knowing Jesus and attended multiple retreats in past. Leaving behind all my personal battle I was excited to attend this retreat, but just 5 mins away while entering Vinalaya gate I got a call about my close relative passed away. It was tough for me to decide to leave place to go back to see my relative or continue to enter gate of God’s heaven. Finally God gave me courage and support to enter retreat though there was thoughts flooding in my mind “Why during such critical situation you need to attend retreat, retreat can be attended next time, what will your relative feel about you during this moment. It will be shame”
later I was feeling Gods word peeping in my ears “Don’t worry, everything will be alright”
Hence with such courage I continued.
Awesome Awesome Awesome… all I can say…about my experience about this retreat,
There was heart touching message from each speakers as I can see the work of the Holy Spirit through these speakers. My Spiritual to-do list to improvise my life was filled with number of pages as I learnt lots of secrets which is not easy to mention in short here
I learnt lots about Power of Word of God, setting Priority for God, how to pray, Forgiveness,  how to practically live life taking God together.
The grace of Holy Blessed Sacrament was like heavenly experience as I witnessed most of the people praying with tongues, the inner healing session and specially God laying hands on our heads through brothers and priests which was crushing all our negativity, Spiritual fitness session all this sessions were very touchy as there was freshness and fulfilled my expectations.
I got healed emotionally which was my objective, and I feel that God had empowered me during retreat…I already started recommending my friends, colleagues and relatives to attend such retreat
My huge thanks to brother for helping to facilitate this retreat….Looking forward to stay connected JEHR

In the month of July, I lost my job and it was a completely unexpected one due to which I was in a state of denial and later shock. I and my close and dear ones tried to find a job but unfortunately I was no where closer to crack one. I attended the retreat at JEHR in August (which I was planning for long but  would just postpone it). Now I am blessed with a good profile job. Alongside, I am learning new skills such as swimming which I was trying to do for years and  I am in conversations with organisations for taking up external consultancies. Hence, when one door closes there are many doors and windows which Jesus Christ opens  Praise God for the immense blessing. 
Thank you for the retreat as it provided spiritual healing and practical ways to handle ones issues.
Regards Aziel

I am Vincent Manuel.
I attended the Retreat (JEHR) on 09 August 2019 at Vinayalaya, Andheri, Chakala.

On 09 August, 2019, during the talk Bro referred to Romans 10:9 and told us to submit and surrender saying that JESUS IS LORD. At that time I immediately submitted and surrendered myself to the Lordship of Jesus. Suddenly, tears started flowing from my both the eyes...I did not understand why the tears are coming from eyes. I just kept continued listening to the talk.

Before coming for the retreat, I was praying to the Lord saying, "Lord, in this retreat I want to encounter you and I want your gentle touch on me...With this prayer, I started my retreat. 

But nothing happened on the next day i.e. 10 August during the Inner Healing and Infilling of the Holy Spirit etc., so I was sad. Then, that night while on the bed, I was talking to the Lord, saying that, Lord, I did not experience your touch or encounter...but I was telling myself that still I have one more day, I am sure Lord You will certainly touch me and then went to sleep...Had a very peaceful sleep that night.
Praise the Lord.

On the Sunday, 11th August, 2019 during the talk of Bro clearly mentioned that even the tears that come from the eyes are the sign of the touch and encounter with the LORD, That time I was very very happy and thanked my Lord for this beautiful encounter and touch...I praised and thanked the Lord. Thank you so much for your lively talks and prayer for me/us.

My name is Arild Dias from St Xavier’s Parish Bhandup West . I attended the “Jesus Encounter Healing Retreat” in the Month of August 2019. I want to testify about my experience, My Father was going through a very bad health Problem with his Kidney they were not functioning properly he couldn’t he couldn’t eat normal food Everybody left their hope on him. 
          So during my Retreat i got a message from God that he needs to do Confession and he will be alright, n during my retreat during my confession Father told me Kids have the power to heal their Parents with a prayer and a touch so i did that as i reached home from retreat and also called Priest for Confession.
  Few days later i was surprised when i saw him walking without support and eating by himself normal food .. before we had to feed him but Lord Jesus healed him n now he is getting better Praise the Lord. Alleluia.
‘Faith’ is the Key to Success