Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | JEHR 7th to 9th February 2020

JEHR 7th to 9th February 2020

10th February, 2020
My name is Judy Lucas from St Paul's  Church, Dadar.  I attended the JEHR in  Feb 2020.  It was my wish to begin the new year with the LORD and he heard my prayer and I am blessed for making it. I have been a person who worries a lot and did not know how to express my self hence was always touchy and angry. Br talks on Emotional Health cleared all my inner feelings without me having to express them. The LORD knew how i was not open. There is so much peace after I have surrendered myself and my family to the LORD. They is so much joy in knowing that my God loves me and his love is all I need. I thank all the preachers who brought me closer to my creator and now I have so much to share it with others. Thank you Lord for saving me.

My name is Sandra Mendes. I attended the JEHR in Feb 2020 with my son age 15 years. It was a truly enriching and spiritual healing experience.  I was going through alot of anger, resentment and unforgiveness, unrest but this time the sacrement of reconciliation I was able to conquer my past hurts and I was set free of my sins and the spirit of peace was upon me. My son was also touched and lightened in his heart and decided to make changes in his life🙌🏼
Br's on God love made us aware that God loves each one unconditionally and accepts us the way we are. The highest occupation of a Christian is to Worship God, talk on emotional health is Gods plan was an eye opener. The inner healing and the infilling of the Holy Spirit made me cry and took away all the guilt and I was filled with the Love of God and the Holy Spirit.
Thanks to all the preachers & Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services

Testimony to the work of our Lord through forgiveness and confession experiences at the JEHR
It’s been more than a month since my retreat in January and the excruciating pain I used to experience in the right shoulder has gone completely and not returned since. 
Thanks to the preachers at the retreat, the sacrament of reconciliation on day 2, the act of letting go of my past, forgiveness and the miracle of our Lord, I have been freed from the baggage of my past and along with it, the pain.

Our Father Anthony keeps talking abt psychosomatic pain and how that is a result of unforgiveness; it’s so true! Forgiveness is such an important act and only helps to bring peace of mind

A Parishioner
St Teresa Girguam
I was feeling unrest and evil things were going in myself. My family told me to go for retreat so that I may be restful and at peace with myself. So I attended the Jesus Encounter Healing Retreat on 7 - 9, February 2020 at Vinalaya. The preaching about Sacrament of Penance touched me, so when I did sacrament of reconciliation I was able control my evil thoughts and the Spirit of peace was in me. The inner healing and the infilling of the Holy Spirit sessions filled me with peace and joyfulness  of Christ. I had a Peaceful and Joyful three days of Retreat Picnic with Christ at Vinalaya. 

Michael Rodrigues, Nerul