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I Thank My God for Everything

13th February, 2015
I attended the “Jesus Encounter Retreat” at Vinalaya. I last
attended a retreat almost 20 years ago. The reason for
attending was because I was anxious about a relationship that
was building between a couple, the girl being very close to me.
As much as I tried to surrender them to the Lord, the anxiety did not leave me. As Valentine's Day was approaching, I was very keen to attend a retreat or a silent trip somewhere to not only pray for them
but to ask the Lord to strengthen my faith. Next day was a Monday and I was so happy to read the announcement of the retreat.
There were quite a few of us - young, middle aged and a few seniors like me. While praising and worshiping the Lord my requests for this
couple started but the answer came loud and clear “don't bother about them bother about yourself, I will take care of them”. This went
on the whole day. During the first half of the second day the intervals to my pleadings stretched and so did the hard hitting response.
That night, I went to bed with my anxiety gone and total surrender to the Lord. The third day was blissful. I praised and thanked the Lord for His everlasting Love. The speakers spoke on a wide range of topics explaining, clearing our doubts and affirming the love of Our God with His Word. The Sacrament of Reconciliation was conducted by
number of priests, including Bishop. We were given a sheet of paper which listed both mortal and venial sins to examine our conscience. I would think I can ask God to forgive me after all it was just a few sins
like losing my temper and so on. After examining my conscience as per the list given, I jotted down 2 pages of sins I needed to confess. After my confessions, I felt so light and free. At the Eucharist
I offered myself to the Lord saying, “Lord take me and use me for Thy service and glory.” All participants had something to thank the Lord
for. Many gave their testimonies on the last day- Romans 10:15. Brothers and Sisters it has been a while since I completed the retreat but I can feel the Lord working wonders for me. It was not by
coincidence but the power of the Lord that I met people and friends who needed sympathy, love and guidance. I am grateful to the Lord. I ask for His grace and strength to be persistent in my personal
prayer. Fortunately, we have the Charismatic Prayer Group in our Parish and week by week we can renew our faith and commitment
through Praise and Worship and listening to the Word of God given by various speakers. Friends if you haven't attended a retreat at
Vinalaya, you had missed something marvelous...the working wonders of the Lord through his promises in the Bible. The service and food was sumptuous and tasty. The rooms clean with a number of toilets and bathing areas with availability of hot water. All this at a total cost of Rs.650/- and in the very lap of Nature, all serenity
and calmness around. All praises to Our Lord. Thank you Father, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit.
Leonora Machado - St. Anthony's Prayer Group,
Vakola Santacruz East
Mrs.Leonora Machado - St. Anthony's Prayer Group,