Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | Praise and Worship Consultation

Praise and Worship Consultation

6th October, 2019
Carlos A person of prayer
Br Carlos took up the session post lunch
The points discussed were

1. Am I in the right relationship with my God?
I need to be a person of Prayer, Praise and Intercession

Mark 3:14 spells out the order of our priorities. Jesus called his disciples 
To be with Him
To proclaim the Word
For signs and wonders

In order to GO OUT we need to COME TO HIM
Put first things first
Be in love with the Minister and then the Ministry
Burden to intercede for God’s people

2. Depend on the Holy Spirit
Yield to and lean on the Holy Spirit rather than on your own steam

3. Rooted in the Word of God
Go through the Word and then let the Word go through you

4. Rooted in the Life of the Church through the Sacraments and Teachings of the Church

The Lord has placed us to renew and build His Church and not destroy it
Participate meaningfully in the banquet of love

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or monetary gains. 
Consider others to be better than us
Don’t get carried away being in the spotlight ministries.

5. Being humble and have a servant attitude
“He must increase and I must decrease”
I should be willing not just to hold the mic but also the broom in my hand

6. Witness : In order to build the Church I should be a witnessing person

7. Fruit of the Spirit : When the Fruit of the Spirit is evident in our lives, we eliminate the chance for people to point fingers at us. We are called to live a blameless life.