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15th November, 2015
Mr. Francis D'souza (Courtesy Charisindia Magazine) JESUS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD

Many years ago I heard a preacher say that the bright colourful lightings and crackers at Diwali (a festival of our Hindu brethren, this year being celebrated in November) are to drive away the forces of evil from the world. Whether this is true or not the darkness in the world is so impenetrable that no created light has an iota of a chance to survive it, leave alone dispelling it.

This is only possible with the true light that has come into the world.
This true light was prophesied by Isaiah, “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” (Isaiah 9:2)
Jesus, who himself was the fulfillment of that prophecy boldly proclaimed - "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." (John 8:12) AND “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world” (John 9:5)
From these two verses we can draw the following conclusions:
The Light illumines us

It is “sin” that has brought darkness into our lives. The words of St Padre Pio’s are worth reflecting as they confirm the aforesaid statement, “If the sin of mankind were to be converted into matter it would form a cloud so thick that it would block the sunlight from reaching the earth.”
The light illuminates our minds and exposes the sin so that it can be brought before God in confession and repentance thus freeing us from the kingdom of darkness.
It also shows us the way to travel by lighting up the path. We are all groping and staggering like a drunk because of the darkness.  It is Jesus who comes to our rescue and He also guides us by holding our hand and leading us safely to our destination.
Light Spells Out Our Mission

Jesus very clearly says that while He is in the world He is the light of the world. This would mean that light would be an ongoing requirement as we journey through this sin-darkened world.  He therefore, in effect is saying ‘when I am not in the world my followers would be the lights of the world.’  In fact, this is confirmed in Matt 5:14 when Jesus says “You are the light of the world.”
The other functions of light are as follows
Brings Order:
Before the creation, the whole world was in a chaos. But after the light was created there was order. Even today darkness is associated with chaos, lawlessness and crime.
Symbolizes Revelation

Light also stands for revelation of truth. Where there is light, we see everyone and everything as they truly are. Lack of light would result in not seeing and not knowing. It shows ignorance and falsehood. But light enlightens everything. It shows them in their true being. But people hate light and flee from it, because their deeds are evil and they are afraid that their deeds will be exposed.
Gladdens The Heart:
Lights, particularly during festival times bring happiness and joy. When Jesus is in our lives, He brings in real joy and happiness.
Heals Our Bodies:
Hospitals and clinics use special lights to promote healing. Just as radiation kills out bad cells, Chirst’s light kills the roots of evil in us. By being rid of sin we are able to live a good and holy life which results in good health of body, mind, and spirit.
Tests Righteousness:
Jesus is the test of true righteousness. We do not get to heaven by our own goodness, but by accepting the gift of His righteousness.
Gives life
We see in creation that the act of creating light itself made life possible since light was the initial step God used as we see in Gen 1:3.
I have read that even in the darkness of an attic where no life was possible a seed sprouted and this happened due to the light coming from a shining utensil.
We saw earlier how Jesus wants us to be what He is to the world – Light of the world! It is indeed a privilege, but along with the privilege always comes a responsibility and where there is a responsibility there is accountability. Hence it is necessary for us to be the best light possible to ensure the most effective results.
Points to ponder to enhance our effectiveness as light bearers
  1. The moon as we know does not have any light of its own. All it does is reflect the light it receives from the sun and is able to do so because of its surface which does not absorb the light. In like manner we too do not have any light of our own but we reflect the light we receive from Jesus Christ. To facilitate this reflection we need to keep our surface in a condition suitable for reflecting the light received from Christ. The condition we are talking about here is our character. 
  1. The story is told of a blind man who was travelling with a lantern to the great city. When asked why he carried the lantern his answer was: “I am carrying the lantern so that others may not collide with me”. The message is very clear:  We must stay in the light if we want to be good reflectors of light.
  1. A small boy was being questioned why he was reflecting the light into a house with a broken mirror. His answer was “I have a brother who is confined to the room and I’m trying to get a little sunlight to him because no sunlight gets into his room”. The little boy   had a passion to get the light to his brother. Do I have a similar passion to spread the light of Jesus?
4)      At night time passersby outside Benjamin Franklin’s house would often trip and fall because of the uneven ground and protruding stones. But when Benjamin Franklin put a lantern outside his house they walked past safely but started falling around the neighbouring houses. The neighbours seeing their plight followed Benjamin Franklin’s example and soon the whole street was lit up. That became the origin of street lights. Do we by our good action of spreading the light inspire others to do the same?
You are called with a holy calling
The light of the world to be;
To lift up the lamp of the gospel
That others the light may see.