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3rd August, 2015
Deacon Everest Mascarenhas A GOOD CHRISTIAN FAMILY
A good Christian family is one which lines up with biblical principles and church teachings, one in which each member understands and fulfils his or her God-given role. The family is an institution designed and created by God, and man has been given the responsibility of stewardship over it. The basic family unit is comprised of one man, one woman his spouse and their children.  One of the primary principles of the family is that it involves a commitment ordained by God for the lifetime of the members. The husband and wife are responsible for holding it together. Although divorce is sought and granted much too easily in our society, the Bible tells us that God hates divorce “For I hate divorce, says the Lord, the God of Israel ...

Role of Husband and Wife 

( Ephesians 5:22-26) Provide the guidelines for husbands and wives in a good Christian family. The husband is required to love his wife as Christ loved the church, and a wife should respect her husband and willingly submit to his leadership in the family. The husband's leadership role should start with spiritual matters and then flow to instructing and teaching both his wife and their offspring scriptural values, leading the family into biblical truth. Of course, the first requirement for the members of a good Christian family is that of having a true relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Roles of Fathers and Mothers

athers are instructed to bring up their children in the training, formation and instruction of the Lord, “And, fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord" The Catechism of the Catholic Church says “The fecundity of conjugal love cannot be reduced solely to the procreation of children, but must extend to their moral education and spiritual formation.” A father is also to provide for his family. If he does not, he“.... has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever" So a man who makes no effort to provide for his family cannot rightly call himself a Christian. This does not mean that the wife cannot assist in supporting the family—Proverbs 31 demonstrates that a godly wife may surely do so, but providing for the family is not primarily her responsibility; it is her husband’s. Woman was given to man for the purpose of being her husband’s helper (Genesis 2:18-20) and to bear children. Husband and wife are to remain faithful to one another for a lifetime.
            God declares equality of worth in that all people, men and women, are created in God's image and likeness, and are therefore equally valuable in His eyes. This does not mean, however, that men and women have identical roles in life. Women are more adept at nurturing and caring for the young, while men are better equipped to provide for and protect the family. Thus, they are equal in status, but each has a different role to play.
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Role of Children

Children are given two primary responsibilities in the family: to obey their parents and to honour them (Ephesians 6:1-3). Obeying parents is the duty of children until they reach adulthood, but we are to honour our parents for a lifetime. God promises His blessings on such children.
Finally, when a husband, wife and children all fulfil their God-appointed roles in the family, when they have all committed their lives to Christ and to His service, then peace and harmony will reign in the home. But if we try to have a good Christian family without Christ as Head, or without adhering to the biblical principles and church teaching the Lord has lovingly provided for us, we will fail.
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