Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | ONLY SPEAK THE WORD.


7th July, 2015
Taken From Daily Flash Matthew 8:8
                         ONLY SPEAK THE WORD.
                      (Scripture Reflection Matthew 8:8)

“Only speak the word, and my servant will be healed”

Jesus wants us to learn  a deep truth from every healing he performed. So also from this miracle. The centurion was a Gentile, an officer in the army. His address to Jesus shows his great regard for authority and his recognition of authority in the Lord. He does not ask for anything . He only informs Jesus that his servant is suffering terribly. What I learn is that if I “WALK IN HIS PATHS” (Isaiah 2:3) I need not even ask Jesus . I may merelybring the problem to him in faithand trust, and he will do what is necessary, since he knows my mind.
To the immediate compassionate response of Jesus,the centurion replies with a statement of deep convictionand humility. His faith is unlimited . To him Jesus is a person who is trustworthy and merciful..
The centurion humbles himself despite his own high position and bows before the greatness of the Lord. He is a kind man and a good master,since he seeks out Jesus prompted by his great concern for the suffering of his servant.

FAITH, humility and compassion for the less-privileged these are three virtues that the Lord rewards promptly.Our Christian attiyude to the needy is what will unfailing bring others to Christ.