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HalleluYAH! JESUS Has Risen

HalleluYAH! JESUS Has Risen
5th April, 2015
Dear Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST JESUS...
HalleluYAH!JESUS Has Risen.....

This is not just another phrase for us Christians, but an expression of JOY and HOPE, it is possible for Man to survive without food and water for Days together, but it may be difficult to survive a Day without HOPE.

As we maneuver through the struggles of our lives, this feast brings us HOPE, especially when we remember that after every Good Friday there is an EASTER Sunday! This is reflected in God"s word (Romans 6:4) " We were buried therefore with HIM by Baptisim into Death, in order that, just as CHRIST was raised from the Dead by the glory of the FATHER, we too might walk in newness of LIFE"

As members of the Catholic Charasmatic Renewal (CCR) in the Church, we are called not only to pratice the virtue of HOPE ourselves (Romans 12:12), but also to give HOPE to others. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church(1820) says "HOPE is expressed and nourished in PRAYER..." Therefore (1821) " In HOPE, the Church prays for all Men to be SAVED."  This being the year of INTERCESSION for the CCR in Mumbai, I encourage each one of you to respond to this call for prayer out of love for JESUS not only by becoming a committed intercessor in your prayer group, but also by attending intercessory prayer programmes like Night Vigils organized by the Mumbai Service Team (MST).

By interceeding for and encouraging our parishioners to make a good retreat, by sharing our own testimonies, we help them to draw near to GOD through a personal JESUS ENCOUNTER (Hebrews 7:25). In doing so, we will continue our unabated focus on our vision to         'RENEW Parish FAMILIES'. As I end , on behalf of the members of the Mumbai Service Team, I wish each one of you and your families a joyful Easter! I pray that the words of JESUS in John 14:27 is the foundation for the rest of your year....Dickson Mendes