Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | BEHOLD A KING IS BORN.


24th December, 2016
" I Will Be With You Till The End"
As we celebrate the birth of Jesus our Lord and Savior let us not continue to see Jesus as a cradle child but one who grew in wisdom and stature Lk 2:52.... did great miracles Jn 21:25...died n resurrected 1Cor15:4 .. and is the living son of a living God.. Mt 16:6. This Christmas let us give a unique gift to Jesus by making Him the Lord of our lives , by making a decision to seek His kingdom first Mt 6:33.
 Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us us with the power and zeal for the kingdom to enable us to work effectively in His vineyard ... just as a log of wood when picked up at one end cannot b lifted up until another person picks up the other end so also we cannot be on fire for the kingdom without the other end  being picked up by the Holy spirit, for in Him we receive His power and  His mighty anointing. We must resolve to pray for not only for our personal needs but also for the needs of others. God loves unselfish prayer 1 Cor 15:5,  the present needs of this world is much but very few people are available to stand in the gap Ez 22:30 .
The Lord taught us through His apostles to pray for "Thy kingdom come"  for which our Intercessions are much needed. Let our prayer focus not only be restricted to our family, our prayer group or our parish...etc but also  to other families, other parishes, other cities and all nations.
Let 2017 be a year of prayer and Evangelisation ..many say that they do not make new year's resolutions as invariably they are broken.. Nonetheless let us not refrain from setting a goal in our personal  and spiritual life for this year 2017... Hosea 4:6 without a vision or goal my people perish.. 
My prayer for you this Christmas that each one of you may seek the face of the Lord and I wish each one sed and Spirit filled New Year.