Mumbai Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) | IT IS NOT LAWFUL


3rd February, 2017
Taken from Daily Flash Mark 6:18

(Scripture Refelection Mark 6:18)

For John had been saying to Herod, "It is not lawful for you to have your brother's wife"

I notice, especially among family, that whoever has the courage to tell the truth soon becomes unpopular and is branded a ‘nagger’!

Herod was so blind to sin, that he became accustomed to his adulterous life. When John challenged him to pay attention to his spiritual life (Gospel) he ignored it. Power, wealth and pleasure left him unmoved by John’s clear warning (Focus). He chose to listen only to those who aligned with his life of lust and power.

To make a choice between God and the world depends on how deep is our relationship with Jesus. Unless we experience Jesus’ love and mercy we cannot understand that sin is infidelity – a breach of love – and so we refuse God’s love.

It is important to remember to resist evil and to overcome the allure of our pride and selfish desires. We need the Saviour and his transforming power to face the truth about our sinful and weak nature. It is also important to have prophets like John around us and to hear different voices like that of scripture.

God in his mercy freely offers pardon, healing and grace to overcome sin and evil in our life. We need to admit our faults and seek his forgiveness.

FruitIs God using someone to call me home? Can I take heed and listen to that person’s warning? Do I have the courage to make right choices today?