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First Friday  – Day of Prayer & Fasting for Year of Evangelisation as an act of Mercy.

Please pray earnestly for the following Events:

BIN Night Vigil, Vile Parle 
05 NovJEHR  :  11 -13 Nov
Charism Growth Retreat : Nov 18 –20    
College Youth Outreach :14 Nov,
  JEHR: Dec.9 – 11
BIN Night Vigils in Zones – Oct & Dec.
   OPEN JEHR :  28 - 29 Jan, 2017 St. Andrews Auditorium    Youth Outreach  26 Jan, 2017 St. Andrews Auditorium

1.Pray for speedy restoration of villages and farms in various parts of India,affected by heavy rains and floods.
2. Pray for the BMC elections in early 2017 for the right candidates to be elected.
3. Pray for many Christians to contest the BMC elections in order to serve the public thro' Christian values.
4. Pray that the BMC Development Plan of next 20 years will protect open spaces like Aarey Colony, Wet lands, Open spaces, Salt pans, Coastal strips etc.
5. Pray for protection of many Church lands in Mumbai from encroachment and forceful acquisition.
6. Pray for the fast development of Christian Cemeteries in North east suburbs of Mumbai where the faithful travel long distances in rain and sun to bury their departed ones.
7. Pray for the end to Terrorism, fundamentalism leading to killing of innocents, refugees, orphans etc.
8. Pray for peace with all our neighboringcountries especially Pakistan presently.
9. Pray for all those suffering from incurable diseases Cancer, Aids, terminal illness etc.  
10. Pray for the deliverance of those addicted to pornography &wrong relationships.
11. Pray for the deliverance of Alcoholic & Smoking addictions especially amongthe Working Youth. 
12. Pray for the end to numerous road accident deaths in our country through Govt. action and citizen participation.
13. Pray for the old and sick Priests to receive the comfort and strength of the Lord.
14. Pray for each Priest to be example of Holiness thro selfless lives led by the Holy Spirit.
15. Pray for the Priests to be available for Confessions & Visitations frequently and freed from Admin roles.  
16. Pray that the PG members reach out to the lost sheep of their respective Parishes.
17. Pray that all the Families in our Parish may encounter Jesus our Saviour personally.
18. Pray for all Catholic Couples to be examples of Prayer & Reconciliation & Service to their Children.
19. Pray for the Core leaders of PGs to be led by the Spirit in fulfilling the Vision of CCR in Mumbai.
20. Pray for the development of second line in each PG through Discipleship to be ready to serve in Core team.
21. Pray for the Zonal Co-ordinators to help the growth of Prayer Groups at the grass root levels.
22. Pray for effectiveness of training programs of BST Leadership training, Intercessors training, Youth outreach
23. Pray that each PG raises minimum 5 committed Intercessors for the City.
24. Pray for the long pending important need of a Retreat Centre for the CCR in Mumbai Archdiocese.

Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions for November : Universal : Countries Receiving Refugees - That the countries which take in a great number of displaced persons and refugees may find support for their efforts which show solidarity. Evangelization : Collaboration of Priests and Laity - That within parishes, priests and lay people may collaborate in service to the community without giving in to the temptation of discouragement.

Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions for December : Universal : End to Child-Soldiers -  That the scandal of child-soldiers may be eliminated the world over. Evangelization : Europe - That the peoples of Europe may rediscover the beauty, goodness, and truth of the Gospel which gives joy and hope to life.
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