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About Us

THE MUMBAI SERVICE TEAM known as the MST, is at the Diocesan level the principal coordinating organization of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR). The MST is the apex body of the CCR in Mumbai and all the prayer groups in the Diocese are in submission to it. The MST has a supervisory role to perform and its mission is service and promotion of the CCR all over Mumbai under the Holy Spirit‘s action and under the Archbishop of Mumbai.

Our Team

Fr. Roland Fialho | Spiritual Director of CCR MST

Fr. Roland Fialho

Spiritual Director Of Ccr Mst

Editorial Team for the News Letter
Preaching,Healing & Deliverance
Mr. Dickson Mendes | Chairman

Mr. Dickson Mendes


CCR Mumbai Overall ....Overseeing Prayer Groups South Zone & Kalina Kurla Zone
Preaching, Healing & Deliverance, Counseling
Mr. Victor Pereira | Vice Chairman.....Overseeing Prayer Groups in  Thane & Navi Mumbai Zone.

Mr. Victor Pereira

Vice Chairman.....overseeing Prayer Groups In Thane & Navi Mumbai Zone.

Handling Retreat Teaching Ministry
Preaching,Teaching, Counseling
Ms. Zanitha D'Souza | Secretary

Ms. Zanitha D'souza


Overseeing Prayer Groups....Chembur- Kanjur Zone
Mr George Pereira | MST Zonal Incharge

Mr George Pereira

Mst Zonal Incharge

Overseeing Prayer Groups in Central and Vashi Zone
Preaching, Counselling
Mr. Mervyn Luis | Ex-officio NST Member CCR NST

Mr. Mervyn Luis

Ex-officio Nst Member Ccr Nst

Overseeing Prayer Groups in Santa-Bandra Zone
Preaching, Teachers Training
Mr. Rajan Fernandez | Ex-officio NST Member and Vice Chairman CCR NST

Mr. Rajan Fernandez

Ex-officio Nst Member And Vice Chairman Ccr Nst

Overseeing Programs National Level.
Preaching, Healing, Deliverance
Mr. Simon Serrao | MIN ( Mumbai Intercessory Network) Coordinator

Mr. Simon Serrao

Min ( Mumbai Intercessory Network) Coordinator

Overseeing Prayer Groups in the North A Zone.
Mr.Patrick Corda | MST Zonal Incharge

Mr.patrick Corda

Mst Zonal Incharge

Overseeing Prayer Groups in North B & Central Zone
Mrs. Jaya Aranha | MST Zonal Incharge

Mrs. Jaya Aranha

Mst Zonal Incharge

Overseeing Prayer Groups in Andheri East & West